Epoxy Clear 8kg Set



Epoxy Clear

8kg Set Consists of 5kg Part A (Resin) and 3kg Part B (Hardener)

Epoxy Clear is a high-gloss casting/coating resin which is ideal for Epoxy Artwork, Wood, Laminating and River Tables.

With a mixing ratio of 100:60.
Ratio’s are strictly by weight and therefor you would need a scale.
25gram Part A
15gram Part B

50 gram Part A
30 gram Part B

With each set either 400 gr 1.6 kg you will receive a mixing ratio table to help to get the best results. Measure accurately. Mix Part A & B thoroughly and mix for at least 3 minutes and use plastic or silicone mixing stick to avoid microbubbles caused by wooden stirrers.

Use alcohol 91% in a misted sprayer to get rid of bubbles in molds and you can use a burner of torch on wood.

Epoxy Clear is not moisture sensitive and can be utilized in humid environments. Epoxy Clear also has excellent self-leveling properties.

Epoxy can be applied by Pouring/Casting, Brush or Roller.

Epoxy Clear can be pigmented.

Maximum thickness 10mm. For thicker casts you can allow cooling before adding addional layers.

Safety Measures

Adequate ventilation
Gloves and Safety Glasses

Weight 8 kg
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